Weekly NET

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The NET is held each Wednesday evening on VE3PBO repeater (146.625 MHz) at 1900 hours
(7 PM) local time. Please inform Net manager Harmen VE3EMA, if you are unable to control the net on the assigned dates at least three days in advance.

The weekly net’s purpose is to have an exercise in the formal operation of an ARES net as it would be during an emergency activation. It is a directed net and all traffic must be passed through the net control station. Please use your call sign to request net attention and only transmit your message when directed by the net controller. As with any net, all participants are to conduct themselves professionally and follow amateur radio etiquette.

NET Control Schedule

May 22nd, 2024RickVE3RKY
May 29th, 2024ClayVE3YCL
Jun 5th, 2024JohnVA3NW
Jun 12th, 2024BarryVE3BLM
Jun 19th, 2024BobVE3IEL
Jun 26th, 2024RickVE3IQZ
Jul 3rd, 2024JohnVE3VL
Jul 24th, 2024NinaVE3IRK
Jul 31st, 2024DevonVE3DEV
Aug 7th, 2024TerryVA3IX
Aug 14th, 2024MartinVA3OMW
Aug 21st, 2024RickVE3RKY
Aug 28th, 2024HarmenVE3EMA